• Sharing Control Through Choices

    Guidelines for Sharing Control Through Choices



    Rules for Choices

    • Never give a choice on an issue that might cause a problem for you or for anyone else.


    • For each choice, give only two options, each of which will be OK with you.


    • If the child doesn’t decide in ten seconds, decide for him or her.


    • Only give choices that fit with your value system.



    Some Examples of Little Choices:

    • Would you like to wear your coat or carry it?


    • Are you going to clean the garage or mow the lawn this week?


    • Will you have these chores done tomorrow? Or do you need an extra day to get them finished?


    • Are you having peas or carrots as your vegetable tonight?


    • Are you going to bed now? Or would you like to wait 15 minutes?


    • Can you stay with us and stop that, or do you need to leave for a while and come back when you are sweet?


    • Are you going to put your pajamas on first or brush your teeth first?


    • Will you be home at 10:00? Or do you need an extra half hour with your friends?



    Adapted from loveandlogic.com