• Self Concept Builders and Stealers

    By Dr. Charles Fay


                           Builders                                                             Stealers

    Focus on their children’s strengths.                      

         Focus on their weaknesses.

    Expect their children to work for most of the things they want.

         Give their children everything.

    Set loving limits and expect their children to behave.

         Are afraid to set limits.                                              

    Make discipline look easy.      

         Show frustration and make it look hard.

    Show their children that arguing and manipulation doesn’t work.

        Get sucked into arguments and power     

    Guide their children to own and solve the problems the children create. 

         Rescue or punish.


    Avoid lectures and repeated warnings.

         Use lectures and repeated warnings often.

    Love their kids for who they are. 

         Love their kids for what they do.

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