• Writing


    In fourth grade we write across the curriculum. Children also write about their own lives and experiences in a writer's notebook. The writer's notebook is a place to collect thoughts, observations, wonderings, poetry and any other type of writing the students are interested in.

    Editing of these pieces takes place outside of the notebook and can be done on the computer. Children go through the editing process and improve their beginnings, endings, and use of expressive words and details. They also edit for spelling and punctuation mistakes.

    Different writing strategies are taught and explored.

    Shared/Interactive Writing - The teacher and students work together to compose messages and stories as the teacher models writing and thinking strategies.


    Guided Writing - The teacher demonstrates strategies (grammar/editing, etc.) and assists students as they write by holding individual, partner, or small group writing conferences.


    Independent Writing - The teacher instructs a mini lesson and the class then writes silently. The class reconvenes to share selected pieces of writing.


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