• Instructional Technology

    The High School provides opportunities for students to use technology independently and within the context of specific units of study. The program features a number of specialized applications, emphasizing the use of technology for problem solving and research. Two computer teachers provide support and deliver instruction to students and staff. Computer aides also provide support for both hardware and software use. 

    Software tools are selected which support the philosophy of the program. An important use of the technology at the High School involves research. Students use online and in-house databases to enhance their study of English, science, social studies and foreign languages. These research databases are also available remotely. Virtually all students use technology tools for word processing and Internet research projects.

    Technology is well integrated in all High School departments. The High School has adopted a set of computer expectations that provide a framework for consistency of instruction. Each department is committed to providing consistent technology experiences.

    Each department at the High School has adopted computer expectations. These expectations provide an overview of basic student competencies. It should be noted that students and teachers often have additional opportunities to use technology beyond the competencies described in the list of expectations.