• Science

    The science curriculum is designed to encourage inquiry. Students are encouraged to ask questions and find their own answers. They are active participants in hands-on activities and experiments. They develop and sharpen their observing, inferring, hypothesizing, and analyzing skills. Students learn about life, physical, and earth sciences.

    Four Smithsonian Science Units:

    How does motion energy change in a collision?

    In this module, students explore how motion energy can move and change in a collision. 

    How can animals use their senses to communicate?

    In this module, students will investigate how animals, including humans, use their internal and external structures to sense the world around them, process information, communicate information to others, and react accordingly.

    What is our evidence that we live on a changing earth?

    In this module, students identify, analyze, and communicate evidence that we live on a changing planet.

    How can we provide energy to people’s homes?

    In this module, students explore how energy moves and changes, and how people obtain sources of energy and convert them for practical purposes.