This school year will be our second year with our new program: Reveal Math.The program was selected by teachers after a rigorous year of piloting 5 different programs. This program is student-centered, research-based, and attends to the essential practices that allow for deep mathematical learning.

    During each daily lesson, students have the opportunity to work on fluency and number sense, problem solving, communication of ideas and strategies, and independent practice.

    Reveal Math helps students to increase confidence in their math ability, to be curious about math,  to develop problem-solving skills, and to build mastery of operations, relationships, and mathematical concepts.

    In class, your child will explore new concepts and develop new skills. Students will expand their math thinking and problem-solving skills. They will be encouraged to persevere as they solve problems, work with their classmates, and on their own. With Reveal Math, your child will take part in activities that spark curiosity and challenge their thinking. Students will engage in sense-making activities that will help each child think more critically about the math that is around them.