• The College Admission Process

    The College Admission Process includes everything from information gathering, to selection and application, to college admission decisions and finally to transition into the first year of college. During junior year, deans will be meeting with you in small groups and individually, as well as in conferences with your parents. We will be available with information and suggestions about test registration, colleges to consider, applications, interviews and essays.

    The Deans view this process as a very important stage in your development. You will be assuming a large share of the responsibility for making decisions that affect your future. Each one of you is a unique individual and must attempt to clarify your own goals, examine your strengths and weaknesses and evaluate the variety of choices open to you. You will undoubtedly confront many new issues, deal with more intense academic challenges, experience periods of uncertainty and confusion and may face some disappointments. But you will also have the opportunity to grow in your ability to communicate effectively; you will gain academic and social strengths; you will become more aware of yourself, more confident, and more independent. We deans look forward to working with you in the college admission process!

    We hope you will find detailed, useful information and resources within this website, but you should always feel free to stop by so that we can guide you in a more specific and personal way.  
    Some Useful Websites: 
    Scholarship Information: 

    Scholarship information received by the SHS Counseling Center can be accessed by visiting the College and Career Center. The following websites allow you to search for potential scholarships:


     **The SHS PTA also awards several scholarships each year to students demonstrating financial need. Applications can be found on the PTA website or in the Counseling Center.