4th Grade Instrumental Music Program/Concert Band

    The overall goal of the fourth grade instrumental program is to introduce students to large ensemble playing and to guide them successfully through two concert band performances.  This is accomplished by helping them achieve basic proficiency on their chosen instrument.  Technique, sound production, musical literacy and ensemble performance concepts are introduced, emphasized and reinforced


    Fourth graders begin the year with an instrument they have chosen and a strong motivation to learn how to play it.  They spend the year learning their way around their instrument and achieving proficiency throughout a range of notes.  Music reading skills are increased with the introduction of a wider variety of notes, rhythms and other written musical elements.  Students are also introduced to the historical and performing context of the music they are performing.

    The instruments available to 4th graders are: flute, Bb clarinet, oboe, Eb alto saxophone, Bb trumpet, horn in F (French horn), baritone B.C. (baritone horn), trombone and percussion (limited to three students per grade).  The students use the Accent on Achievement Book 1 for their chosen instrument.