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    The goal of the First though Fifth grade Physical Education program is to provide and implement various skills, games, and experiences for all the students. Throughout the school year the students accomplish this through both group and individual activities. Some of the units we cover are: Football, Basketball, Floor Hockey, Volleyball, Gymnastics, and Circus Arts.

    One of the most popular units is our "Group Dynamic Problem Solving" unit. I like to start the year with it because it is a great way for the students to get to know one another, and for them to work on their communication, cooperation, leadership, and problem solving skills. It is during this unit that they have to come together as a group to complete a specific task that has several ways in which to solve it. There are times throughout the year when we are between units, and we will revisit the Group Dynamic activities to help reinforce our focus on cooperation and communication. 

    In everything we do, I strive to provide a learning environment where EVERY student can feel comfortable to be themselves regardless of their skill level or athletic ability.

    For additional information on the comprehensive Elementary Physical Education curriculum, please refer to the district website.

    This year all the fourth and Fifth grade students will run the mile one time instead of the customary two times. Their Spring mile was their Pre-Test, and the Fall one is their Post-Test. In addition to the Mile run, the students will be doing other Fitness Tests throughout the rest of the school year. Those will include, Push Ups, Curl Ups, Sit and Reach, Pacer Test, Trunk Lift, Shoulder Stretch, and Flexed Arm Hold.

    From the end of February through the first two weeks of March we were playing Volleyball. The students were working on Serving, Setting, Forearm Passing/Bumping, and Spiking. They were learning about the positions, rotation, and scoring. We started off playing wiith Beach Balls, and then moved onto Training Volleyballs. This is one of my favorite units because I get to play in the games with them. They seem to like that too! When we return we will continue to play Volleyball for another week or so. While we are away from school the students can continue to work on their Volleyball skills. Following Volleyball we will start our Gymnastics unit. The students should check both Coach Synowiez and my schoolwires pages to see the workout of the Day and other useful info. Until we return to school stay active, drink a lot of water, get enough sleep, and enjoy all that you do.