• Ninth Grade Writing Goals

    Students will learn to…

    • employ a range of writing strategies including brainstorming and free writing, mapping and outlining, conferring with teachers, drafting, and peer editing 
    • identify areas in their own writing in need of improvement
    • sustain some measure of personal voice in their writing 

    Analytical/Expository Writing

    • distinguish between reasons and examples
    • write multi-paragraph essays that develop an argument through the use of reasons and examples
    • incorporate textual evidence into their essays and explain how this evidence supports their ideas
    • assign creative writing based on student reading to establish the value of reading a text closely
    • regularly reinforce the distinctions between showing and telling

    Expressive/Personal Writing

    • distinguish between showing and telling (e.g., dramatize, not just summarize, action; establish character through means other than direct characterization)


    • understand and apply the rules of agreement (subject-verb, pronoun-antecedent, verb tense)
    • recognize and avoid the use of run-on sentences and sentence fragments
    • use apostrophes correctly in possessives