• Tenth-Grade Writing Goals 

    Students will continue to develop their ability to…

    • employ a range of writing strategies including brainstorming and free writing, mapping and outlining, conferring with teachers, drafting, and peer editing
    • identify those areas in their own writing that are in need of improvement
    • sustain some measure of personal voice in their writing

    Expository Writing

    • devise more complex theses, break them down into manageable elements, and establish patterns of organization that best suit their ideas
    • use approaches both deductive (e.g., responses to prompts) and inductive (e.g., insights based on what they have noted in their reading) in developing and organizing their ideas
    • write to discover and explore, not simply communicate (e.g., split entry journals)
    • complete at least one project requiring secondary sources (not necessarily literary criticism) related to a text read in class

    Expressive Writing

    • create a distinctive voice, and make deliberate choices about point of view and tone
    • articulate their writing decisions and evaluate their finished pieces of writing


    • recognize and avoid faulty parallelism, incomplete comparisons, and dangling and misplaced modifiers
    • punctuate quotations and citations correctly