•  Overview

    The World Languages Department of Scarsdale High School is committed to offer a program with the aim of meeting the needs of students regardless of their ability. It is our conviction that every student can learn a world language. We recognize that the level of proficiency each pupil attains may be different. Therefore, flexibility is built into the program. Every offering has objectives to develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, although emphasis may be different from course to course. The department offers sequences in Spanish, French, Latin, and Mandarin.

    In order to meet our objectives, several tracks are offered in Spanish and French. Two of them are designed for students who begin their study of world language in the seventh grade and continue in the ninth. These students are evaluated in the eighth grade and are placed in the honors program or in the regular program which continues through level five. Another track begins language in the ninth grade. This short sequence track is comprised of three kinds of students: Those who come from another school system in which language was not taught in the middle school; those who have middle school language experience but have been advised to start over; and those who are taking a second language in the high school.

    Approaches to Teaching 
    As a department, we strongly feel that there is no absolute way of teaching a world language but rather use a variety of approaches. It is our conviction that all teachers must use their own talents and resources to their fullest by developing their unique style. Teachers must feel free to try new methods and are encouraged to seek professional development. We also believe in an immersion approach using 100% target language in the classroom. In conclusion, all teachers have a unique style which should be cultivated and adapted to meet the needs of all their students.

    As students approach scheduling time, here is a preview of the languages offered in the World Language Department at the High School: