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    Ms. Beth Kaplan
    Second Grade Teacher
    Phone: (914) 721-2720
    I like the personal experience of speaking one-to-one. Please send in a note with your child and I will respond in a timely fashion. Thank you!            

    Welcome to Second Grade! This year will be filled with exciting and thought-provoking learning experiences for the children. The children will be in an environment that uses hands-on activities to help stimulate them towards a better understanding of their world. By manipulating various materials they learn not only the process of things, but the reasons behind them. It is important for students to become problem solvers in our rapidly changing world.

    The curriculum this year will be filled with a wonderful variety of content, concepts, and ideas. In social studies we will be focusing on communities and how they connect and rely upon each other. We will discuss current events and incorporate geography throughout the curriculum. In science, we will discover the wonders of weather, water, and air and how plants grow on earth. We will research animal adaptations and what animals need to survive. Our mathematics program, Primary Math, is a blend of hands-on activities and problem solving. It makes connections between mathematics learned in school and mathematics used in everyday life. Literature and writing activities will be included in all curricular areas, mathematics, social studies, and science. This will help the children become lovers of reading and writing.

    I want the children to feel that the people in the classroom and the school are family members. As at home, a family is a warm, secure, and happy place and I want their learning experiences in school to be the same. We need to work together to make this the best experience for the children.