• Language Arts Resources:
    This site allows you to practice your Wordly Wise lessons in a fun way.  Games include Concentration, Hangman, and Word Searches.  Have fun!
    This site has the Wordly Wise word lists by lesson and even reads the sentences to you!
    Great for making Flashcards!
    Create "word clouds" on this site.  This is really cool!
    Try this site for more fun word games!  Very challenging!
     Great site for looking up words, thesaurus, games, etc.
    Learn what idioms are and have fun practicing!
    This Scholastic site has a lot of book suggestions, reviews by kids, author information and even games!  Check it out if you are looking for a good book.
    A fun to summarize what you've learned about an interesting person.
    Like writing poetry? Use this tool to create your own acrostics.
    Create your own comics site.
    Like graphic novels or comic strips? Use these tools to create your own.
    Shape poems, also known as concrete poetry are a fun way to share your poetry visually.
    Look all around this site.  There are great books everywhere!  Be sure to explore all categories, not just your age group.  You will find some great books to read.
    Tips for young writers by Ralph Fletcher.