Web Resources for Flute

    Online Metronome


    This website contains a metronome that is extremely useful for all instrumental students as an aid to practicing and developing consistent tempo.



    Flute Student Web Resources - Education

    Here are two websites that give short histories and descriptions of the flute you will be playing as well as other members of the flute family:



    Make sure you have your parents' permission to look at these YouTube links!

    Producing a steady, clear tone on the flute is one of the most difficult skills to master in all of instrumental music.  To supplement the instruction available in our 40-minute, once a cycle group lessons, I recommend the following YouTube video to help students produce and maintain a good flute sound.  Flute students cannot practice this basic skill often enough:


    Flute Student Web Resources - Performances

    Here is a beautiful performance of Debussy's Sonate for Flute, Harp and Viola by the New York Harp Trio:


    This performer has mastered playing the flute while beatboxing.  He does an extraordinary job on this jazz classic:


    Thanks to Joseph Lee, SHS Class of 2010, for help with finding these web resources.