• Working Papers
    These working papers are only valid for employment in New York State. If your child is seeking employment in another state, application should be made to that local high school or wherever papers are issued in that state.
    Any minor seeking employment must first obtain working papers. This may be done through my office. There are 3 slightly different procedures, one of which is appropriate for your child.
    Applicants attending Scarsdale High School.

    Whenever he/she is free, your child should come into my office and request an application. We will review his/her records and determine if an updated physical health certificate will be needed to complete the application. The application will be brought home for a parent/legal guardian to fill in  the first section only. Once the signed application has been returned to us, the Working Papers will be ready the following day for your child to collect.


    Applicants attending Scarsdale Middle School

    As above, except the student (or parent) should apply to the Middle School Nurse for the application.


    Applicants who do not attend Scarsdale Public Schools

    Please call (914)721-2550 to confirm that someone will  be available to issue the Working Papers while you wait. Generally someone will be when school is in session.

    You will need to provide the following documentation:

    1. A physical exam less than 12 months old from a M.D., N.P. or P.A.

    2. Identification (birth certificate/ driver's license/ passport) that includes date of birth. 

    N.B. Both parent and child need to be present for the papers to be issued in one visit.


    Contrary to what a prospective employer may have said, an 18 year old can not be issued working papers! 

    The Health Office is open most of the summer for last-minute needs. Please call first (914)721-2550  to verify exact times and what, if any additional paperwork is needed if  planning to obtain papers in one visit.