• Physical Education Modifications
    N.Y. State Education law requires that all students actively participate "to the level of their ability" in the school's P.E. program.  Students presenting doctors' notes excusing them from "all  P.E." will be excused for 2 weeks only

    For credit to be received beyond that grace period, an  additional note from the MD must be received.

    The note should contain the following information:
    1. the diagnosis
    2. a description of the activities that the student may participate in
    3. the duration of the limitations 
    The following form can be completed to assist the physician with item #2 (above). 
    If   we do not receive these details, the form will be emailed to you by the Health Office. It must be completed and promptly returned to the Health Office to ensure proper credit in P.E. 

    Please remember attendance in class, regardless of degree of participation, is mandatory for credit to be given.

    NOTE:  For proper processing, all  P.E. Modification requests and Physicians' P.E. excuses must be submitted to the Health Office and not to coaches, P.E. teachers or deans. Copies will be forwarded to those individuals.