• What We Do
    The Facilities Department is responsible for maintenance and cleaning of the District's seven school buildings and their surrounding grounds and fields. For the most part, this work is done in-house by District custodial and maintenance staff, but is outsourced when appropriate. Each building has a head custodian on-site, assisted by a custodial staff. A member of that staff remains on duty in the building until 11 pm most weeknights and on weekends as needed, in order to accommodate use of the facility for school-related and community activities by outside community organizations. Community groups may call the Facilities Department Office with questions about facility availability and any applicable fees. Application/Agreement forms and the Facilities Rental Fee Schedule may be found under the Building Rental Forms option of the Facilities content list. The Facilities Department also plays a critical role in the District's construction projects, and works closely with the Business office, the architects and the owners' construction representative to insure that construction proceeds in accordance with the approved design, meets stringent standards of quality, and is in compliance with all applicable state and federal regulations.