Chapter Books, 2nd-3rd gr. reading levels :
               Ada, A. My Name is Maria Isabel. Immigrant Maria Isabel wants to fit in at school, and a writing assignment called "My Greatest Wish" gives her that opportunity.

    • Adams, L. Alice and the Boa Constrictor. After learning in science class that boa constrictors make wonderful pets, Alice begins saving her money.

      Adler, D. The "Cam Jansen" series. A fifth grade sleuth uses her photographic memory to solve crimes.

      Ahlberg, J. Jeremiah in the Dark Woods. A young boy sets out to find the thief of his grandmother's strawberry tarts and meets some unusual characters on his search.

      Alexander, S. Lila on the Landing. Lila creates imaginative activities on the landing of her apartment building.

      Apablasa, B. "Rhymin' Simon" mystery series. A rhyme-making sleuth and his friends solve crimes.

      Auch, M. Angel and Me and the Bayside Bombers. Can ANY soccer team beat the Bayside Bombers? Watch out for the Bomber Busters!

      Baker, B. N-O Spells No! During the events of one weekend, Walter and his sister, Annie, come to appreciate each other.

      Berends, P. The Case of the Elevator Duck. An eleven-year-old detective sets out on an adventure after finding a duck in the elevator of his apartment building.

      Brimner, L. Cory Coleman, Grade 2. Cory is planning his seventh birthday party, when his mother tells him he has to invite everyone - even the class bully!

      Broome, E. Tangles. Sophie takes money from a neighbor's wallet to buy a kitten. The "tangles" are her emotions.

      Brown, M. Sneakers. The escapades of a very curious cat.

      Bulla, C. The Chalk Box Kid. Gregory's house does not have room for a garden, but he creates a surprising and unusual one. See also Bulla's White Bird, among others.

      Buller, J. No Tooth, No Quarter! A boy must accompany an unlucky tooth fairy to her queen so he can explain that he mislaid his tooth.

      Bunting, E. The Big Cheese. The purchase of an enormous cheese results in greatly enriched lives for two old women.

      Byars, B. Beans on the Roof. Each of the members of the Bean family try to write a "roof" poem in order to win a contest.

      Byars, B. The Seven Treasure Hunts. Two boys make up a series of treasure hunts for each other, with disastrous and hilarious results.

      Cameron, A. The "Julian" series. Stories about a little boy with a big imagination.

      Castaneda, O. Abuela's Weave. A Guatemalan girl and her grandmother grow close as they make weavings and travel to market to sell them.

      Cazet, D. Saturday. Also Sunday. Barney the dog spends busy days with his grandparents.

      Chang, H. Elaine and the Flying Frog. Elaine feels like an outcast after moving to a small town, until she shares a science project with a girl strongly interested in frogs.

      Charbonnet, G. Snakes Are Nothing to Sneeze At. Although he's not furry and her best friend thinks he's yucky, Annabel loves her new pet snake.

      Chew, R. Second-hand Magic. Two children mend a discarded kite - which turns out to be magic!

      Choi, S. Halmoni and the Picnic. A Korean American girl's third grade class helps her newly arived grandmother adapt to life in the United States.

      Christian, M. "Sebastian (Super Sleuth)" series. Follows the exploits of the world's greatest dog detective. See also her series, "The Determined Detectives".

      Christiansen, C. B. Sycamore Street. Angel and Chloe avoid obnoxious Rupert. Then Angel goes on vacation. Who will Chloe play with?

      < Christopher, M. The Dog That Pitched a No-Hitter. Mike's telepathic dog Harry helps the team. Christopher has written three other books about this amazing dog, as well as several other early chapter books with a sports theme.

      Christopher, M. Zero's Slider. Zero discovers that he can throw a slider when there's a bandage on his injured thumb.

      Clarke, J. Teddy B. Zoot. A kindhearted teddy bear journeys to his owner's elementary school in the middle of the night to retrieve her math assignment.

      Cleary, B. "Ramona" series and other titles. Modern classics.

      Clifford, E. "Flatfoot Fox" series. Flatfoot has been called "the world's greatest detective." He just happens to be a fox!

      Cone, M. "Mishmash" series. Mishmash, a precocious dog, and his owner Pete share experiences in their neighborhood and school.

      Conford, E. "Jenny Archer" series. Nine-year-old Jenny has a big imagination. She makes her own adventures!

      Cresswell, H. Almost Good-bye. Gumball Gumford wishes, on a magic lamp, to be invisible. Now the lamp is lost. Is it "good-bye Gumball?"

      Cuyler, M. Weird Wolf. Harry Walpole is turning into a werewolf! Can he break the curse - without a silver bullet?

      Delton, J. "Pee Wee Scouts" series. A paperback series about a group of scouts and their larger-than-life experiences.

      Dicks, T. "Adventures of Goliath" series. Goliath was a small puppy who grew and grew and GREW. He's the source of many problems, and lots of fun!

      Duffey, B. How to Be Cool in the Third Grade. Robby decides that the only way to get through third grade is to be "cool".

      Duggan, A. Violet's Finest Hour. Two young cats use a magic cape to stop a gang of bank robbers.

      Duncan, L. Wonder Kid Meets the Evil Lunch Snatcher. Terrorized by a bully, Brian and a fellow comic book fan devise a plan involving a new superhero named Wonder Kid.

      Dutton, S. Tales of Belva Jean Copenhagen. Belva Jean shares stories of her classmates, neighbors, and family.

      Etra, J. Aliens for Breakfast. Finding an intergalactic special agent in his cereal box, Richard joins in a fight to save Earth from aliens, one of whom is masquerading as his classmate. Also, Aliens for Lunch.

      Feder, P. Did You Lose the Car Again? When Daddy forgets where the car is parked near their apartment, two sisters have exciting exploits while joining the search.

      Galbraith, K. Roommates series. A new baby is on the way, now two sisters have to share a room.

      Giff, P. "Kids of the Polk Street School". Series takes us through the year in Ms. Rooney's class. See also Giff's other transitional series, "New Kids at the Polk Street School", "Polka Dot Private Eye," and "Lincoln Lions Band".

      Gilson, J. You Cheat! Nathan bribes his brother into going fishing, then wishes he hadn't.

      Gondosch, L. Brutus the Wonder Poodle. How will Ryan's poodle puppy ever win a pet contest against Tony's boxer? Another chapter book by this author is The Monsters of Marble Avenue.

      Greene, C. The Jenny Summer. Robin discovers the pleasure of having a best friend when Jenny moves in next door.

      Greenwood, P. What About My Goldfish? Jamie worries about moving to a new city, but with the help of his pets he adjusts to his new home.

      Gross, V. The Day it Rained Forever. Based on the Johnstown flood event. A dam bursts, releasing a wall of water 125 feet high.

      Hall, L. The Mystery of Pony Hollow Panda. When her pony disappears from the pet parade, Sarah follows clues to unravel the mystery. Hall has written other age appropriate animal stories.

      Harvey, J. Great-Uncle Dracula. Emily's life takes a strange turn when she moves to Transylvania USA with an odd relative.

      Haywood, C. "Betsy"series and "Eddie" series. Life among friends at school and the neighborhood. Nostalgic feel.

      Herman, C. Max Malone and the Great Cereal Rip-Off. Tired of feeling cheated by cereal box prizes, Max decides to fight back.

      Herman, C. Millie Cooper, 3B. Millie copes with school and other problems in creative and funny ways.

      Hesse, K. Sable. Tate is happy when a stray dog appears, but Sable causes trouble with the neighbors and has to go.

      Hiser, C. Scoop Snoops. The exciting life of fourth graders working on the school newspaper.

      Hooks, W. Pioneer Cat. A pioneer girl smuggles a cat aboard her wagon train. How long can she keep it a secret?

      Howard, E. The Cellar. Though her brothers tease her about not being big enough to do farm jobs, Faith proves herself brave enough to go to the dark cellar for apples.

      Howe, J. "Pinky and Rex" series. Pinky's a boy, Rex is a girl, and these are the stories of their special friendship.

      Hurwitz, J. "Ali Baba Bernstein" series. When David Bernstein was eight years old, he changed his name to Ali Baba. Then - mysterious things began to happen. Other series by the author are "Aldo" and "Russell".

      Impey, R. Desperate for a Dog. Two sisters really want a dog. Their parents really don't. Can this situation be worked out?

      Johnson, L. A Week with Zeke & Zach. The exploits of wild and weird twins who can't stay out of trouble.

      King-Smith, D. Sophie's Snail. Four year old Sophie dreams of being a farmer.

      Kleitsch, C. It Happened at Pickle Lake. Rachel would rather be vacationing in Florida than camping, until ...

      Kline, S. "Herbie Jones" series. How do you turn simple things into major mix-ups? Just leave it to Herbie Jones. See also Kline's "Horrible Harry" series.

      Landon, L. "Meg Mackintosh" series. Readers are challenged to put clues together and solve a mystery before Meg does.

      Lawlor, L. How to Survive Third Grade. Can a "loser" become a winner? Ernest attempts to make a difficult adjustment.

      LeGuin, U. Catwings. Four kittens with wings fly from city slums in search of a safe home. Followed by Catwings Return.

      Leverich, K. "Best Enemies" series. Felicity complicates Priscilla's life both in and out of school.

      Leverich, K. Hilary and the Troublemakers. Strange creatures get Hilary into trouble. Can she turn the tables on them?

      Levy, E. "Something Queer" series. Strange things happen when Jill and Gwen get together.

      MacLachlan, P. Sarah, Plain and Tall. Newbery award winning novel about a unique early settler family.

      Marshall, J. Rats on the Roof: and Other Stories. Seven hilarious animal stories in one book. See also Rats on the Range.

      Marzollo, J. Red Ribbon Rosie. Rosie is tired of being second in school races. Is it worth cheating to win a blue ribbon?

      O'Connor, J. The Ghost in Tent 19. A mysterious ghost leads the four boys of Tent 19 on the trail of buried pirate treasure.

      Osborne, M. "Magic Tree House" series. Jack and Annie travel through history, to prehistoric, ancient, and other times.

      Park, M. Harvey and Rosie ... and Ralph. A magic spell turns Harvey's dog into a girl who helps pull his soccer team out of its slump.

      Park, B. "Junie B. Jones" series. Junie herself tells about life as a kindergartner.

      Peterson, J. "Littles" series. The Littles are a tiny family who live in the walls of the house of the Bigg family. Currently, most titles are available only in paperback.

      Peterson, P. J. I Hate Camping. Dan dreads a camping trip with his mom's boyfriend, Mike, and Mike's two kids. Can they ever become friends?

      Peterson, P.J. The Sub. Two friends switch seats to fool a substitute teacher and find it isn't easy being someone else.

      Pfeffer, S. The Riddle Streak. Her older brother always wins at everything, so Amy decides to be best at telling riddles.

      Porte, B. Taxicab Tales. Daddy entertains his loving family with stories about the colorful passengers he picks up in his taxi.

      Regan, D. The Curse of the Trouble Dolls. Guatemalan trouble dolls are said to make troubles go away, but Angie's friends get mad when the magic doesn't work for them.

      Sachar, L. "Marvin Redpost" series. The adventures and misadventures of an imaginative nine-year-old.

      Sachs, B. The Boy Who Ate Dog Biscuits. All Billy wants is a dog of his own, but he gets a baby sister instead.

      Scieszka, J. "Time Warp Trio" series. Funny time travel fantasies that take the reader to pirate ships, the Wild West, medieval England, and prehistoric times.

      Sharmat, M. "Genghis Khan" series. Fred enters his mean-looking but sweetdog in a contest that could lead to fame and fortune.

      Skurzynski, G. The Minstrel in the Tower. A brother and sister travel the French countryside in the year 1195.

      Smith, J. "Adam Joshua" series. A series of episodes about the life of a young boy.

      Warner, G. "Boxcar Children" series. The adventures of four self-sufficient brothers and sisters.

      Weiss, E. The Adventures of Ratman. He was a mild-mannered eight year old ... until he put on his fuzzy brown suit!

      Whelan, G. Silver. Can the runt of the litter win the dogsled championship?