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    Social Studies


    My Community and Other United States Communities


    Major Understandings:

    • A community is a group of people that live, work, and help each other to meet their wants and needs

    • There are rural, urban and suburban communities in the United States and each type of community has similarities and differences

    • I live in a suburban community

    • Each type of community is influenced by geographic and environmental factors

    • Each type of community provides facilities and services to help meet the wants and needs of its residents

    • Citizens have roles and responsibilities in their communities

    Essential Questions:


    History and Culture:

    • What is a community?

    • What are the characteristics of suburban, urban and rural communities?

    • What type of community is Scarsdale? What is the history of Scarsdale?

    • How do communities change over time?

    • What events, people, traditions, values, beliefs and places make my a community? 6. How are these events, people, traditions and places different in suburban, urban and rural communities?


    • What are roles and responsibilities of the people that live in a community?

    • How and why do people in communities develop rules and laws to govern and protect community members?

    • How does our local community elect and appoint leaders who make, enforce and interpret rules and laws?

    • How can citizens in my community participate in decision making and problem solving?

    • How is the flag of the United States a symbol of citizenship? What is the flag’s significance?


    • What is a map and what is a globe? (Review)

    • What is the purpose of a map and a globe? (Review)

    • What are the features of a map? (Title, key, labels, symbols, colors - Review)

    • Where are the important services in Scarsdale located in relation to a point of origin? (Is the post office east or west of Chase Park?)

    • How are symbols used on a map? (Review)

    • Where is our country on a map of the world?

     Economics is another area in which we teach the students in second grade.