Scholastic Magazine



    Let’s Find Out


    Let’s Find Out is a Scholastic magazine that provides students with current event articles which are social studies and science related. The magazine emphasizes early-learning skills that reinforce classroom curriculum and meet standards. 

    Kindergartners in K-Theall’s class will receive an issue of Let’s Find Out approximately three times a month. We will read the magazine in class, and the children will bring the issue home. Please discuss the articles with your child. If the students do not complete page four in class, please encourage your child to finish it at home (they may need assistance). If your kindergartner chooses to return the issue to school, I will correct it and add a "smiley" face. 

    To view the essential skills addressed in Let’s Find Out, visit the following website: http://letsfindout.scholastic.com.  Enjoy reading with your child!