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    Mrs. Pagel
    Learning Center Teacher/ Grades K-2
    About the Learning Center

    Learning Center

    The Learning Resource Center program is a support system for students, teachers and parents.  The LRC teacher provides for children's needs in a variety of ways.

    1.  Direct instruction in specific academic area such as reading, written expression and mathematics.

    2.  Support in organization and study skills.  These skills may be addressed within the various content areas such as social studies or science.

    3.  Diagnosis, assessment and the development of an educational plan to meet the childrens academic needs and learning styles.

    4.  Consultation with classroom teachers regarding strategies, materials and activities.

    5.  Communication with parents concerning their child's needs and progress.

    *  In addition to providing direct instruction to students and consulting with teachers and parents, each learning Resource Teacher serves as a member on the building Child Study Team and the district Committee on Special Education.