In Reading, we focus on rich literature and read from a wide range of genres including realistic and historical fiction, non-fiction, folktales, fantasy, and poetry in order to develop a lifelong love of reading. We build a community, by establishing routines for reading and writing. Children discover personal and shared interests to help themselves think as readers and writers. Our literature discussions often lay the groundwork for our writing projects. Our goals in literacy are achieved by using the following research-based programs:



    * systematic and explicit phonics approach to reading and spelling

    * follows a very definite sequence

    * teaches all concepts directly

    * multi-sensory approach

    * provides daily repetition and practice of skills

    * teaches many aspects of word structure and sentence structure

    * provides retelling and story sequencing

    Units of Study for Teaching Reading 
    * There are four units of study: (Second-Grade Reading in Growth Spurts, Becoming Experts reading nonfiction, Bigger Books Mean Amping Up Reading Power, Series Book Clubs) Each unit of study provides equal division between fiction and information reading across the units along with a great deal of support for foundational skills.
    Units of Study in Opinion, Information and Narrative Writing
    * There are four units of study: (Lessons from the Masters-Narrative, The How-To Guide for Nonfiction, Writing About Reading-Opinion, Poetry) Each unit of study is designed to support students' abilities to be strategic, metacognitive writers who use varied skills to achieve particular purposed as writers.

    ****For a more detailed outline of the District's approach to literacy please click on the link below for the Scarsdale Balanced Literacy Guide:

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    ****For an in-depth outline of literacy standards K-5 English/Language Arts copy the link below in your browser to view: