This year's concert schedule is as follows:
    Please mark these dates on your calendar now to avoid any conflicts.

    Edgewood Winter Concert:  February 4, 2020
    Edgewood Spring Concert:  May 21, 2020

    Group Lessons  begin September 11, 2019.

    7:45am Band (5th grade only until further notice) begins September 19, 2019.
    The Edgewood Group Lesson Schedule is as follows:

    A days: 

    BAND, flute 5, trumpet 5, clarinet 5, alto sax 5, percussion 5, percussion 4.

     B days:
     flute 4, oboe 4, clarinet 4, bass clarinet 4, alto sax 4, tenor sax 4,trumpet 4.
     C days
     Tyrrell 3, Reilly 3, Cadalzo 3, flute 5 (1a).
     D days:  
    trombone 4, baritone horn 4, tuba 4, trombone 5, baritone horn 5.

    A days 7:45am Full Band rehearsals (grade 5 only until further notice) Begin September 19, 2019.

    Please be sure your child brings his/her instrument and music to school on the appropriate day listed above. (Please check my Schoolwires page for the required method book and accessories for your child's instrument if you do not have these items.)