Mystery Reader

    Dear Families,

    First Grade is seeking MYSTERY READERS to read their favorite stories to the class on Friday mornings. We are learning that many different people read, not just teachers and librarians, and that they read many different types of material. We will learn about the reading lives of the important people in our school, our families, and our neighborhoods. We hope that MYSTERY READERS will share their favorite childhood stories or picture books about a favorite subject. MYSTERY READERS should also bring in and talk about the types of materials that they read as adults (newspapers, magazines, novels, articles, nonfiction texts, work or job-relating reading, etc.)

    If a MYSTERY READER needs help finding a book, he/she should contact me, the school librarian, or the children's librarian at the Scarsdale Library. We are looking for moms, dads, siblings, grandparents, neighbors, family members, and friends. Remember to keep the "MYSTERY" and to surprise your special first grader on a Friday Morning! 



    Mrs. Lamonaca

    Ms. Silber