Environment of the Classroom 


    When it isn't too hot or too cold, students are allowed to go out for recess for a short period of time (roughly 20 minutes). Students are strongly encouraged to play together, and to never exclude other classmates from games.


    Monkey Bars Recess Recess



    Every Monday, students will share either an item our a story that happened to them recently. If they bring in an item it has to be an artifact (no toys). It can also be a telling share. A few examples of artifacts would be: a shell from the beach, a ticket stub, a medal from a swim meet, etc. Students can "pass" and choose not to share anything, however they are strongly encouraged to share their experiences and little bits of their own life with the class.  

    Share Share Share



    Everyday, students participate in independent reading, a period of time in which they read by themselves, or participate in small quiet reading games with their reading buddies (part of our reading workshop). Students are told to pick a few books that are not too challenging or too easy, so they can improve on their reading skills overall. First grade is the true foundation for the basic educational skills that will later help your child in life. From reading to writing, math to science, your child will learn the necessary independence yet basic group communication for group work in this class.