Homework Policy


    Our District homework policy for 5th Grade outlines a minimum of thirty minutes of reading per night, with an additional forty-five minutes to sixty minutes of content area homework, for a total of one hour and fifteen minutes to one hour and a half of homework per night.

         My classroom expectations for homework are:
    Homework, generally, is given to reflect what was discussed or practiced in class on a particular day.  It is meant as a reinforcement for covered concepts that students are expected to complete ON THEIR OWN. It should NEVER be a catalyst for anxiety or prolonged frustration.
    Students must complete as much of the work as possible, based upon their understandings and comfort level.  If a student has difficulties retrieving their understanding of how to complete the work, they should complete whatever is possible and bring in the rest for help - which will be offered either on a one-to-one basis, or in a small group on the following morning. I will meet with students as often as necessary to increase their facility and comfort level with the material.
    Occasionally, students will be asked to create a part of their own homework, with specific direction on what parameters should be followed.  Self-created work strengthens thinking skills and allows students some freedom, creativity, and critical involvement in the construction of their own learning.
    Additionally, students will also be asked, from time to time, to initiate an inquiry to spark interest in an upcoming topic of study, laying a foundation from which we tend to "brainstorm" constructed knowledge.  Our investigation of the topic is then "grown" from that point forward.
    Students who experience periodic difficulties with their homework may be asked to attend "extra help" sessions during part of the lunch recess, or after the school day has concluded.
    Wherever needed, I try to include links to additional resources (images, websites, teacher-made videos, etc...) to help students in reinforcing their understanding of the work we had completed that day.
    Finally...homework will be posted on Google Classroom each afternoon. Students are responsible for completing their own homework assignments and bringing them into class each day. This is important, as we review the work each morning, in study groups, and discuss and difficulties that arise. This is our best opportunity to clarify concepts - while they are fresh in our memories.