Welcome to SMS!
    We know there has been a lot of information e-mailed to you over the last several weeks. As the PTA Executive Committee, we are here to help you sort it out and guide you through the first few weeks of school. The checklists and links below are intended to provide important details for you and your children, including schedules, Q & A and First Day basics!
    Where can my child find the Zoom links?
    This document: “20-21 Zoom Meeting Links” will be helpful as we move ahead in the school year. We encourage you to bookmark it as a resource. 
    Can you explain some of the terms used at SMS (House, Quarterly, Center)?
    • A summary of key terms can be found here

    Full Hybrid Schedule begins on September 21.

    • Cohort A attends school in person on Monday and Thursday (8:00 am - 2:18 pm), asynchronous eLearning takes place on Tuesday and Friday. 
    • Cohort B attends school in person on Tuesday and Friday (8:00 am - 2:18 pm), asynchronous eLearning takes place on Monday and Thursday. 
    • Some special education students and some ELL students attend school on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
    • All students have Core advisory, House classes and World language via Zoom, Quarterly/PE/Music Office hours, and a Zoom music class on Wednesdays
    • Virtual only students attend school through 100% eLearning (according to their Cohort schedule above)
      • On their assigned days, virtual only students will log into classes according to this schedule. This corresponds with the bell schedule for students in the building. 

    What is the SMS bell schedule?

    SMS bell schedule

    Where can I find:


    How do I access the daily health check/EZscrn app?

    • You will receive a reminder via e-mail by 6 a.m. to complete the ezSCRN daily health assessment. If you haven't already logged in, check your e-mail/spam folder (sender is info@easyscat.com). Your temporary login and password are contained within.
    • To complete the daily assessment, click here: app.ezSCRN.com  or download and use the ezSCRN iOS app . More details can be found here.
    • Daily screening is a requirement of New York State Departments of Health and Education for in-person schooling, and is required for all students attending school in-person on any given day. 
    • Paper questionaire can be found here if there is an issue with the app.

    What if we have a technical support issue on the iPad?

    • In dealing with technical support issues, we ask that students (or parents on a student's behalf) use the dedicated tech support form available as a link from the student iPad home screen. If the device is unusable, the form can be accessed at the following link: https://forms.gle/GjabmDa6JspfVFvu9

     What if I have other feedback or questions? 

    suggestion box Middle School Messages
    Please click on our Suggestion Box above and share your question or feedback with us, anonymously if you wish. We may not have all the answers, but we promise to try our best and to listen to you––together we can work toward making the school year the best it can be.

    What is the procedure if my child will be absent, late, or needs to leave school early?
    • Using School Dismissal Manager with your desktop or smartphone browser, you can quickly and easily communicate to the Middle School your child's early dismissal, absence and late arrival instructions.
    • Unlike the elementary schools, It is important to note that SMS does not using this system for end of day dismissal instructions.
    • When creating an exception (early dismissal, absence, late arrival) for the current day, please enter the information in the system as early as possible.It is critical to note the time and detailed reason for the exception.Please make sure you choose the correct dismissal option (HOUSE) so that your House office is notified of your exception.
    • FAQs about SDM:

      • Do you have to complete SDM every day, or only in person days
    • Parents only need to use SDM for days of absences or early dismissals. This should be for days they are in school only unless they are virtual only. For virtual only students, SDM should be used on their cohort days.  When in doubt, please call your child’s house secretary (contact numbers here). 

      • What if a student is absent on Wednesday/can't attend a Zoom/needs to leave early?
    • Given the current virtual Wednesday schedule, for now it is best to let the house secretary know if this is the case. 

      • Should virtual only students be completing SDM also?
    • Yes, but only on the days their cohort is in person in the building - typically, Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday (unless the week includes a holiday)

      • Is there a deadline for reporting absences/early dismissal?

      It is very helpful if this can be done as early is possible, but no later than 10:45 am.

    Where can I join the PTA? (click the question for the link to join)
    How do I sign up for the "Middle School Matters" e-blast? 
    Where can I find drop off/pickup procedures and traffic rules?
    • Rules are listed on the check the left hand menu of this website. You can also find them HERE.
    • The SMS custodians are phenomenal about directing cars and will help you out. Please be courteous, kind, and patient.
    •  All cars enter at the Kelwynne road entrance. The buses veer left toward the back of the school. Parents and caregivers should veer right by the scoreboard. Then you can either go one of two ways around the grassy circle - to the left is the "lower circle" - that will allow your child to enter through the entrance by the gyms. The auditorium is on that level too. If you continue to the right around the circle, the custodians will direct you to the "upper circle". 
      The upper circle is up the hill - it's the main entrance of the school, where the House clases and Great Hall are. It is recommended that 6th graders are dropped off there for the first few weeks as it will be much easier for them to find his homeroom classroom. 
    How can my child order lunch?
    • See details from the District in this letter that was e-mailed to all families on 9/9/20.
    What are House Parents? How can I sign up to be one?
    • This is a new SMS PTA initiative––we are hopeful that this type of parent involvement will help to facilitate a deep sense of community and family engagement during this challenging and complicated year. Being a House Parent is a great way to be involved with SMS during this unusual time and will help to make this year a special one. 

    • If you are interested in serving as a House Parent for one or more of your children’s cohorts, please complete the SMS House Parents Interest Form.

    How do I subscribe to the SMS PTA Calendar?
    • To sync the Calendar to an iPhone Calendar:
    • Update the App Settings on your iPhone first. 
    • From iPhone>Settings>Scroll to Membership Toolkit App>Allow membership toolkit to access calendars (Needs to be turned on). 
    • Then from the Membership Toolkit App>Landing Page>Calendar button>Click on calendar icon in top right corner>Click on Sync to device calendar for each calendar>Subscribe.   
    If you have any other questions, please email us at: ScarsdaleMiddleSchoolPTA@gmail.com. We look forward to working with you throughout the school year to help make our children's experiences at Scarsdale Middle School exceptionally rewarding.

    The Scarsdale Middle School PTA (Parent Teacher Association) is a not-for-profit volunteer organization consisting of parents, teachers and administrators. We are organized and chartered under the authority of the New York State PTA, a branch of the National PTA, and we self-govern under our own local unit bylaws. We are a noncommercial, nonsectarian, and nonpartisan association dedicated to enhancing the experiences of Scarsdale Middle School students.

    The pages listed on the Table of Contents at left provide information about how to join the SMS PTA, our programs, volunteer opportunities, notices, meetings, and other useful information. For most of the events in need of volunteers, there is a link to sign up on the "SMS PTA Committees and Volunteer Opportunities" page. Additional links will be added throughout the year and announced in our Sunday weekly e-blasts.
    The 2020-21 SMS PTA Executive Committee
    Meredith Kent, President
    Leah Dembitzer, President Elect
    Chris Marks, Secretary
    Ophira Cukierman, Treasurer
    Kathy Sasaki, VP of Membership and Student Directory
    Wendy MacMillan, VP of Programming
    Cindy Yau, VP of School Events and Initiatives
    Meghan Troy, Principal
    Tracie Castaldo, Faculty Liaison