• Expectations

    Our expectations as written in our Middle School Handbook state that students are welcome to stay after school as long as it is for extra help, library study, modified sports, or club/intramural activity. In those situations, students are supervised by adults. Students are not permitted to stay after school to “hang out”, or “roam the halls”, and we cannot be responsible for students who congregate in unsupervised areas.  Students being picked up after 2:45 will be asked to move to a supervised area until their transportation arrives. Late buses will depart at 3:40 and are for students who qualify for district transportation. Students who do not adhere to these guidelines may be barred from staying after school and may face disciplinary consequences.

    We look forward to working with your child in the after-school program. If you have any questions in regards to after-school activities or clubs, please contact me at 721-2629.  Any questions in regards to MODIFIED ATHLETICS should be directed to Kevin Roemer at 721-2665.


    Bob Keith

    After School Life Coordinator