• Parental Strategies for

    Successful Transition Outcomes
    • Career planning and or vocational training should be built into your child's transition IEP as early as eighth grade.
    • Ensure a Transition team (i.e., student, parent, advocate, teacher, CSE, adult service provider) is formed to make the plans for your child's adult life.
    • Provide information to the team about your child's interests, skills and dreams (goals).
    • Ask that school personnel assist in finding, placing and training your child in a job (of his/her choice) while in school.
    • Inquiry about information from and or visit adult service programs in your area. Adult service providers are available to provide information and to assist in a student's transition process. Contact NYSRA website at www.nyrehab.org for a listing.
    • Ask that Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor (ACCES-VR) be present for the transition IEP meeting the year before graduation.
    • Visit post secondary colleges and universities with prepared questions regarding admissions requirements, accessibility, accommodations and available supports.
    • Allow your child to be as independent as possible and provide them with opportunities to participate in the community.
    • Dare to dream and share that dream with the transition planning team.
    Special Needs Trust Handbook from the Special Needs Alliance