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    Mr. Andrew Verboys
    Computer Technology Teacher / Grade 8 / Related Arts
    About My Classroom
        During your time in Computer Technology you will be learning about video production and working on a Engineering Unit.  The video production phase of the class will include digital camera use, digital editing procedures, audio mixing, computer video applications like Photoshop and iMovie.  The engineering phase of the class will be a group project that will consists of learning structural construction and applying it when designing a model bridge that must meet set specifications.
        The first requirement for my class is that you bring in a baby picture of yourself.  The picture can be from the ages of birth to seven years old.  It is important that you bring the picture in as soon as possible so that you can scan the picture and import it into a group photo shop screen,which in turn will be transferred onto video.  During the first few class periods we will be taking 8th grade class pictures with the digital camera.  Also during this time your group will be assigned a video date.  This date is the day you will take footage that will  be edited onto the video yearbook.  It is your responsibility to see teachers before this date to ask for permission to enter their classroom with the camera.