For this assignment, you will write a song in Spanish and produce a MUSIC VIDEO. Your song MUST be in Spanish! It can be an original song on a topic of your choice or it can be designed to help us review specific topics for the final exam. It should be about 2.5 to 3 minutes long. Use the vocabulary words, phrases, and grammar that we studied this year. Make sure that your work is appropriate for school.

    1) You will write, practice, film/record, and edit your song to produce a creative music video. This will 

    take time, so please plan accordingly.

    2) You can use I-Movie and Garageband to produce a Quicktime video (.mov or .mp4). Students usually find it easier to share it as a .mov file. Bring it to class on a key drive.

    3) Don't forget to include credits at the end and remember to cite any background music that is not your original work.


    ***If you work with others, everyone in the group should help to write the lyrics of the song. You are writing poetry together! 

    If you decide to work alone, you can write, edit, and present a poem as an alternative. If so, see me to discuss the details. 




    Explore some of our music videos, get inspired, and get started!
    Will your project make the top 10 list? What do you like about these examples? What could be improved? Are there any mistakes that you can learn from? 
     Video clips are embedded, unlisted, and require the link for viewing. Some may work better in Safari.




    “Thriller.”Johneaves.files.wordpress.com  http://johneaves.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/thriller.jpg  20 Sept. 2009


    “Shakira”Hundu.com  http://www.hindu.com/mp/2007/03/13/images/2007031300380401.jpg 20 Sept. 2009