• The Middle School World Language course is sequential through the three years at the middle school level, beginning in sixth grade. Aural and oral work, class work, homework, class preparation, class participation, and projects are crucial to the student's overall performance.  As students progress through the seventh and eighth grade courses, their quiz scores, unit assessments, and unit exams are also important components of their performance.

    Midyear in the eighth grade course, students will be recommended for the second level at the high school.  This is a preliminary recommendation and is reviewed again at the end of each quarter, and may be changed at the end of the year, depending on the student's change in performance.  The student's performance for the four quarters of eighth grade and the final exam score are averaged for the final grade for level one French or Spanish, which appears on the high school transcript. 

    If during the second marking period of eighth grade, the student's performance indicates that he/she is in danger of unsuccessfully completing the course, the teacher alerts the student and the parents and may recommend that the student no longer take the course for a unit of credit, but can remain in the course for a unit of study.  If this is the case, the student will no longer receive a regular letter grade.  He/she will receive a satisfactory or unsatisfactory and no final grade will appear on the high school transcript. 


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