• Scarsdale Council of Parent-Teacher Associations

    PT Council, the umbrella organization over all seven Scarsdale PTA units, informs and advises the Scarsdale PTAs as they fulfill their mission of promoting the welfare of Scarsdale students.  It is a separate entity with its own elected officers and committees and/or committee chairs who coordinate and facilitate communication among the chairs of the respective committees within each PTA unit.

    The 2021-22 PT Council Executive Committee comprises four officers (all former PTA presidents) and the current PTA presidents at each of the seven schools:

    Megan Simon, PT Council President
    Lauren Grossberg, PT Council Vice President
    Meredith Kent, PT Council Secretary
    Stephanie Stern, PT Council Treasurer

    Joey Silberfein, SHS PTA President
    Leah Dembitzer, SMS PTA President
    Yoko Hayashi and Sammantha Furniss, Edgewood PTA Co-Presidents
    Anna Blake, Fox Meadow PTA President
    Courtney Allen, Greenacres PTA President
    Beth Keyser, Heathcote PTA President
    Emily Hira, Quaker Ridge PTA President.

    PT Council sponsors a variety of enrichment programs, speaker panels, and activities for students and their families, in addition to several events that are open to the entire Scarsdale community. PT Council Executive Committee members also meet monthly with the Scarsdale Schools Superintendent, send representatives to Scarsdale Board of Education meetings, attend facilities, bond, and budget forums, serve on District compact, safety, and sustainability committees, and liaise with multiple community-based organizations. Members also meet with members of the District’s central office and the Scarsdale Teachers Association to foster initiatives and facilitate constructive conversations between parents and teachers.
    To contact PT Council, please email: ScarsdalePTCouncil@gmail.com.

    Please note, if you are requesting information about a particular committee or program, please check its tab on the left for contact information.