Students will examine the core aspects of the stock market and how it functions.  Various websites (yahoo finance, smartmoney, bloomberg, etc.) will be utilized to assist students in gathering key information that will be helpful in making investment decisions.  Students will participate in the a stock market game that is sponsored by the New York Times.  The stock market game will provide students with an imaginary $100,000 that will be invested and monitored throughout an eight month period.  Continuously updated standings will provide students with their investment ranking, and the highest earning teams will be awarded prizes at the conclusion.         
    - Investment Club meets Wednesdays in the Popham Computer Lab (located upstairs in Popham house).  
    Be sure to check this site regularly throughout the year and throughout each week for a list of the actual meeting dates.  The club will always meet on a Wednesday but the actual dates will change and be updated regularly on this site.  Good luck investors!