•  Absences/Illness
    In the event your child is absent from school, you must enter the absence into dismissal manager.  This should be done prior to 9:30 AM.  PLEASE provide the reason for your child's absence.  If your child has a communicable disease, such as Fifth, strep throat, chicken pox, lab confirmed (nasal swab) flu please notify the health office as well.

    If your  child has a temperature that is 100 F or above upon awakening or any time in the previous 24 hours, they should remain at home. Please keep your child home for a full 24 hours after a fever has returned to normal.

    When in doubt, act on the side of caution and keep your child home the extra day!
    Your child is too sick for school if he or she:
    * has a temperature of 100 F or above any time in the previous 24 hours 
    * has vomited or had diarrhea in the past 24 hours
    * complains of a stomachache or fatigue with other symptoms (headache, fever, etc)
    has a headache that persists for a day or recurs
    * breaks out in rash of unknown etiology
    * has a purulent discharge from either or both eyes (contact your child's physician)
    * has a persistent cough 
     If any of the above symptoms worsen or persist for more than a day or two, contact your child's physician.
    PLEASE KEEP YOUR CHILD HOME FOR A FULL 24 HOURS after starting antibiotics for strep or other infection, after a fever has returned to normal without using fever reducing medication, and after any episode of vomiting.  Children who miss school because of illness MAY NOT return for after-school activities, rehearsals or musical events. This and good handwashing before meals and snacks are highly effective ways to reduce the transmission of illnesses.