• Medication Administration
    ALL medications given in school, require both parental consent and a physician's order.  This includes both prescription and over-the-counter medications (e.g. Tylenol, Advil, eye drops, lotions, etc.).  If you wish your child to receive any medications during the year, please complete and return the Authorization for Administration of Medication form.  This form must be renewed annually.
    To receive any medication the school must receive a physician's order (including the name of student, the medication, the dosage and route  and the frequency to be given).  Medication orders expire after 12 months.  The medication must be sent in to school in the original pharmacy labeled bottle (no zip lock bags, loose pills etc please).  THERE IS NO OTHER ACCEPTABLE METHOD OF MEDICATION ADMINISTRATION IN SCHOOL.  No medication should be sent in a students backpack.  MEDICATION MUST BE BROUGHT IN TO SCHOOL BY AN ADULT.  IT CAN ONLY BE SENT HOME WITH AN ADULT.
    Field Trips:
    Any medication needed on field trips (inhalers, ADD medication, etc.) can ONLY be administered by a parent, parent designee (not a district employee) or "self-directed" student (greater than 12 years of age).   A self-directed student is determined by the physician and MUST HAVE written orders, signed by the MD, stating that the child is independent in the administration of the medication.
    The only medication a teacher can administer is Epinephrine (Epipen, Auvi Q, etc.).  Many of the teachers are trained to assist in the administration of Epinephrine, but can only do so if it is in the student's possession and is labeled with the student's name.  In the absence of a students epinephrine (none was sent by the parent for the student) , 911 will be called.
    Please speak with the nurse in your child's building for further information.