• Allergic Conditions
    If your child has any sort of allergy (to foods, pollen, drugs, etc.), please complete the Allergy Action Plan.  If your child has been diagnosed with asthma, reactive airway disease or uses an inhaler, please complete the Asthma Action PlanIf the allergy requires the use of an Epinephrine auto-injector (Epi-pen, Auvi Q), use the allergy action plan. On occasion, both might be applicable. The doctor may order necessary medications on these forms or use a separate medication administration form. Please bring the completed form(s) and necessary medication(s) to the nurse's office. We request 2 auto-injectors to be kept in the health office.  Each cafeteria contains a lock box with Epinephrine auto injectors as well.  In the event of a field trip, teachers will carry the auto-injectors and are trained to administer these.  Elementary students are not permitted to carry these on their person.  This is a safety issue for both the student and other students in the building.
    For those students that have Benadryl ordered, Benadryl will also be kept in the nurse's office. Again, like all medication as per district policy, this CANNOT be carried by the student.  Benadryl does not go to the lunchroom or on field trips. In the event of an allergic episode Epinephrine is given and the parent and an ambulance are called.  NY state regulations allow only an RN, parent or a parent designee to administer Benadryl. The parent designee can be another adult (perhaps a parent that is on the field trip), but not a district employee.  
    Please check with the nurse in your child's building for any further information (specifics regarding snacks, lunchroom activity, special celebrations, field trips, etc.) .