• POLICY BOARD 2018-2019


    STI Director

    Ann Marie Nee


    STI Administrative Assistant

    Fran Garafolo


    Technology Assistant to the STI

    Jodi Giroux, Technology, Scarsdale High School


    Assistant to the Director

    Lisa Scavelli, Teacher, Scarsdale High School


    Policy Board Chairperson

    Christine Cecere, Teacher, Edgemont Jr./Sr. High School



    Kathleen McGreal, Teacher, Scarsdale High School


    Policy Board Members 

    Diane Baylor, Scarsdale Resident

    Kenneth Bonamo, Principal, Scarsdale High School

    Jennifer Borella, Teacher, Seely Place Elementary, Edgemont

    Beth Colleary, Teacher, Scarsdale High School

    William Costanzo, Professor, Westchester Community College

    Gerald Crisci, Director of Instructional Technology and Innovation; co-Director, Center for Innovation, Scarsdale

    Michael Curtin, Director of K-12 Curriculum and Instructional Technology, Edgemont

    Stacey Dawes, Teacher, Scarsdale High School

    Eve Feuerstein, Assistant Principal, Edgemont Jr/Sr High School

    Linda Fisher, Art Department Chair, Scarsdale Middle School

    Janie Fitzgerald, Teacher, Scarsdale Middle School

    Cara Forray, Teacher, Scarsdale Middle School

    Kathleen Fox, President, Edgemont Teachers Association

    Paul Garofano, Assistant to the Superintendent for Information Systems and Technology, Edgemont

    Trish Iasiello, Teacher, Quaker Ridge Elementary, Scarsdale

    Lorella Lamonaca, Teacher, Edgewood Elementary, Scarsdale

    Elise Hilf-Levine, Teacher Retiree, Scarsdale

    Sue Luft, Elementary ELA Helping Teacher, Scarsdale

    Edgar McIntosh, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction; co-Director, Center for Innovation, Scarsdale

    Jennifer Nicks, Teacher, Greenville Elementary, Edgemont

    Lisa Onofri, Teacher, Heathcote Elementary, Scarsdale

    Monica Palekar, Teacher, Scarsdale High School

    Andrew Patrick, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources and Leadership Development, Scarsdale

    Carole Phillips, Teacher, Greenacres Elementary, Scarsdale

    Nicole Pisano, Science Department Chair, Scarsdale High School

    Eve Schreier Eisentstadt, District Art Coordinator, Scarsdale

    Judy Seiff, Board of Education, Edgemont

    Jeannette Stockton, Teacher, Edgemont Jr/Sr High School

    Meghan Troy, Principal, Scarsdale Middle School

    Heather Waters, Teacher, Scarsdale High School

    Joan Weber, Professor, Long Island University

    Pam Winders, Teacher, Fox Meadow, Scarsdale

    David Wixted, President, Scarsdale Teachers Association

    Emma Wixted, House Counselor, Scarsdale Middle School

    Amber Yusuf, President, PT Council, Scarsdale


    Accreditation Committee

    Christine Cecere

    Michael Curtin

    Sue Luft

    Edgar McIntosh

    Ann Marie Nee

    Andrew Patrick




    STI Mini Grant Program Committee

    Jerry Crisci

    Ann Marie Nee

    Andrew Patrick

    Lisa Scavelli


    Past Directors of the STI

    Susan Taylor 2002-2014

    Judith Schwartz 1980-2002

    Doris Breslow 1979-1980

    Ralph Ricci 1975-1979

    Werner Feig 1972-1975

    Doris Breslow 1969-1972, Founder