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    Helpful Study Materials:


    VOCABULARY WORDS FORMAT                                               English6/Ms. Lund

    ➢    Fit 2 words on each page
    ➢    Split each page in half horizontally. Try to use a straight-edge!
    ➢    Follow these directions and use the sample to help you.
    ➢    Each set is worth 50 points! Work carefully!
    ➢    Write the word neatly and underline it.
    ➢    Write the correct PART OF SPEECH. Use the first one, or the one given, if there is more than one.
    ➢    Write a brief definition that you understand, or write a synonym.
    ➢    Write a clear sentence that has good context clues to help clarify the meaning. Underline the vocabulary word.
    Add a PICTURE or MEMORY TRICK to help you remember the definition:-)