Practice Tips

    What to practice
    1-    Warm-ups
    2-    Scales, Arpeggios
    3-    Lesson books
    4-    Excerpts from Band repertoire
    5-    Duets with a friend
    6-    Something just for fun, including improvising, learning your favorite song ‘by ear ‘

    When to practice
    As often as you can! Try to practice each day. It may help to consider it as part of your nightly home work…. because it is…..
    I know, I know many of you are saying- “I don’t have the time!” Put the effort in and you will be rewarded!

    Teachers often require a minimum amount of practice time. (Including this one) The truth is however, it is more important to practice wisely and to make it part of your daily routine.

    How to practice
    •    Create an environment that is conducive to practicing (including a glass of water for the much needed breaks you will take-not kidding)
    •    Take short breaks – this could mean that sip of water, or getting started on your math homework
    •    Have an attainable, realistic goals (a difficult passage of band music for instance)
    •    Break down the music into small sections
    •    Work slowly and steady, even if the passage you are working on is supposed to be fast (slow and steady is better than fast and sloppy)
    •    Practice with a metronome – often
    •    Check for accuracy (recording yourself is always a great way to achieve this)
    •    Repeat the passages many times AFTER you feel it is correct (this will help raise your comfort level and will help build technique
    •    Reflect on how you did during your practice session – be positive! If you had an attainable and realistic goal, it will be likely that you will find many positives
    •    Whole-Parts-Whole –it is important to not always run the music down without stops. It is equally important to end your practice routine with ‘performing’ an entire section or piece.
    •    Have fun!!!! Even though it is hard work, remember to chill out, take a breath and realize how you have improved!
    •    Ask for help! Please let me know (or another teacher) when you find yourself feeling frustrated