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    Welcome to Popham 6 Social Studies!!
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    Hensel, Kerry: P6 Soc St
    Popham 6 Social Studies
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    Welcome to Social Studies!

    A Fantastic Year is About to Begin!
             Where are we “going”??        
         In Popham Six Social Studies we will be exploring the amazing world in which we live - including both the past and the present.  Our studies will focus on major civilizations of ancient times such as the Egyptians, the Mesopotamians, and the ancient Chinese.  In addition we will look at the classical civilizations of the Greeks and the Romans and the tumultuous period of time in Western Europe known as the Middle Ages.

    How will we “get there”??
      In order to fully understand the history of our world we will need certain skills.  These skills include knowledge of geography, time lines, culture, and archaeology.  We will manipulate and analyze the information we acquire using critical thinking techniques, cooperative learning/ group work, and individual challenges.

    We will also need to increase our vocabulary with terms that will help us research and discuss our class topics.  There will be a great deal of time spent in the school library and computer labs. This research time will create opportunities to share what we have learned in a variety of ways - games, performances, creative writing, art history projects, Keynote presentations and more!