• As you read your book(s) during our Intensive Reading Unit, you are responsible for making blog entries along the way; once at the halfway point, and once when you finish each book. Be sure to follow the directions for each book. Feel free to also add additional thoughts about what another student may have submitted, but these additional comments do not fulfill the assignment.

    Answer each question thoughtfully, and check your work before you save it - once you hit SAVE, you can't edit, change, or delete it. Read other students' answers before you type yours. New thoughts would be appreciated.

    Also, in the "Vocabulary" section, post and define at least one new word that you come across in any of your books. Be sure to follow the directions to make your word entry complete.
    The due date for all reading and blogging to be done is Wed., 4/23.
    Happy reading, and happy blogging!!

    Here is the link for our blog:

    IRU blog

    Log into the blog using your normal network user name and password.