Science in First Grade

  • We use the Science 21 curriculum to teach Science in First Grade. Science is a hands-on and exploratory time of the day, and first grade scientists investigate with curiosity and enthusiasm! Four units are covered throughout the year:

    Unit 1: Patterns in the Sky 

    • The sun throughout the day
    • The moon throughout the month
    • The stars through the seasons


    Unit 2: Light and sound


    • Light and sound travel in waves
    • Cause and effect relationships between vibration and movement 


    Unit 3: Plants and Animals 


    • Offspring and parent - familial traits
    • Adaptation and survival 
    • The role of "technology" in survival


    Unit 4: Engineering is Elementary - The Best of Bugs: Designing Hand Pollinators


    • Everyday objects that are designed by people to solve problems are examples of technology.
    • Learn the parts of a flower and the parts of a bee
    • Engineer hand pollinators


    You can refer to a more detailed outline of the Grade 1 Science Curriculum on the District website.