Fundations Units at a GlanceFundations


    Orientation Week:                Letter:  lowercase t. (Completed)

    Unit 1: Week One:                Letters:  lowercase b and lowercase f. (Completed)

    Unit 1: Week Two:                Letters:   lowercase n and lowercase m. (Completed)

    Unit 1: Week Three:             Letters:   lowercase i and lowercase u. (Completed)    

    Unit 1: Week Four:              Letters:   lowercase c and lowercase o. (Completed)

    Unit 1: Week Five:                Letters:   lowercase a and lowercase g.   (Completed)

    Unit 1: Week Six:                  Letters:   lowercase d and lowercase s. (Completed)

    Unit 1: Week Seven:             Letters:   lowercase e and lowercase r. (Completed)

    Unit 1: Week Eight:               Letters:   lowercase p and lowercase j.

    Unit 1: Week Nine:                Letters:   lowercase l, lowercase h, and lowercase k. 

    Unit 1: Week Ten:                 Letters:   lowercase v and lowercase w. 

    Unit 1: Week Eleven:            Letters:   lowercase y and lowercase x. 

    Unit 1: Week Twelve:           Letters:   lowercase z and lowercase q.


    Unit 2:  

    Handwriting: uppercase letters and review of all lowercase letters.

    Review of letter sounds.

    C-V-C words.


    Unit 3:   


    Unit 4: Digraph work:  ck, ch, sh, th, wh


    Unit 5: