Fundations Home Folder



    All families in K-Theall's class will receive a two-pocket FUNDATIONS HOME FOLDER with center prongs the last week of September.  

    The left pocket is for the letters of the alphabet, and the right pocket is for the laminated writing grid and miscellaneous items.

    Once a week, students' take-home folders will contain Home Support letters for parents to review. These letters will keep families updated on the ongoing Fundations lessons in class. Furthermore, there will be lessons/activities for parents to work on with their children. The lessons are not formal homework assignments; therefore, the students do not have to return their work to school.

    Kindergartners can practice handwriting on their laminated writing tablet (writing grid). It is essential to use a dry-erase marker on the tablet (writing grid) since permanent or watercolor markers may only partially wipe off. 

    An email will be sent home to families the day the students bring home Fundations Home Support letters in their blue Take-Home folders so parents know what to expect.