• birthdays

    What day will my child celebrate their birthday?

    Kindergartners will celebrate their birthdays during the school day.

    If a student’s birthday falls on the weekend, it will be celebrated on Monday or Friday, depending on our weekly schedule.

    During June, we celebrate summer birthdays.


    Can I bring a treat to share?

    Edgewood loves to celebrate birthdays. However, we do not celebrate birthdays with food.

    Each grade level uniquely celebrates birthdays.


    How are birthdays celebrated in kindergarten?

    * The main office will announce each child's birthday over the loudspeaker during the morning message.

    * Each child will receive a special birthday pencil from Dr. Tashia Brown.

    * The children celebrate with the teachers and the students in class.

    * The birthday child will receive a birthday crown and may wear it all day long.

    * We have a special birthday dance and song for the children.