• You are reflecting about the original painting that you used in your CD design. Remember to paste a SMALL (size of a postage stamp) image of the painting on your Word Document.  You will probably have to go to http://www.artchive.com/ to find the painting.  You can type directly on the word document.  You will also need to look at the link on my web page titled The Language of Art.  It will help you to describe what you see in the your painting. You can also click on the link listen to a Student Reflection About a Painting. When you have completed all the answers, print the document and attach it to your CD assessment rubric.

    Click here to download the painting reflection document



    Here are some FINAL Questions to consider about the artwork that you chose to use in your project.

    After careful observation, analysis and interpretation of the artwork, you are ready to make your own judgment.  This is your personal evaluation based on the understanding of the work.  

    Read all the questions and then in a paragraph answer the one that best suits your opinion of the artwork.  Add this paragraph to the above document.

    Here are the questions:

    A.    Why do you think this work has value?  What is the value you find in the work? (For example, it is a beautiful work, makes insightful connections, reaffirms a religious belief, etc.) Use specific ideas from the artwork.

    B.    Do you think the work has a benefit to others?  Do you find the work communicates an idea, feeling or principle that would have further value for others?  Use specific ideas from the artwork.

    C.    Does the work lack value or worth? Why do you think this is so?  Could the reason you find the work lacking because of the poor use of the elements of art? Could the subject matter be unappealing, unimaginative, or repulsive? Use specific ideas from the artwork.

    D.    Rather than seeing the work as being very effective or without total value, does the work fall somewhere in-between?  Do you think the work is just o.k. ? What do you base this opinion on? The use of elements of art? Lack of personal expression? The work lacks a major focus? Give your positive and negative perceptions.    Use specific ideas from the artwork.