Standards for Interscholastic Athletic Participation

  • All students at Scarsdale High School are expected to behave in a manner that is consistent with the provisions of the District’s Code of Conduct and the Student Handbook. These documents provide extensive descriptions of expectations, as well as prohibited conduct on school property. They should be used as a reference when students and parents wish to clarify specific illustrations of student behavior or the legal rights to which they are entitled.  The vast majority of Scarsdale High School students participate in extracurricular activities, whether in club, athletic, or community service contexts. Representing Scarsdale High School in extracurricular activities is a privilege. The extension of that privilege depends upon adherence to standards of behavior that reflect positively upon the individual as well as the school.

    These Standards of Behavior extend beyond those set forth in the Code of Conduct and the Student Handbook. The Standards of Behavior for all participating students that go beyond the Code are stated below.

    • Students who represent Scarsdale in sports or extracurricular activities are expected to demonstrate good citizenship in both the school and local communities. While this is true for all students, the commitment to appropriate standards of behavior is especially important for those who serve as student leaders. While we are fully aware of our limitations in monitoring the off-campus behavior of our students, we still wish
      for them to recognize the high expectations we have. These expectations apply to every student involved in sports or club activities, whether on or off the school premises and regardless of whether school is in session at the time of the conduct. Therefore, we will rely upon the fine relationships developed between coaches and their student-athletes and faculty advisors and their club members to address behavior that compromises student health and safety, violates the standards, or interferes with the goals set by and for each team and club.
    • Coaches and advisors will inform the athletic director or an assistant principal of issues that require the assignment of consequences for violations of the standards. In the event of an egregious violation of the standards, the coach and/or athletic director will inform a school administrator, and the school administration and/or the Fairness Committees will review the behavior of athletes or club members to determine an appropriate course of action.
    • Finally, we will hold our captains and club officers to a higher standard because their leadership roles cannot be associated with behaviors that compromise the identity or integrity of their teams or clubs. Therefore, the violation of the Code by any team captain or club officer will be reviewed and the removal of the leadership title and responsibilities will be a prime consideration.