Nutrition Elective Course

  • This Nutrition course is for students who are hungry for accurate, current, and relevant information about food and nutrition. There is so much conflicting information available on food, diet, and exercising that it takes discipline and effort to make consistently good choices every day. This course will lead the way through the confusing, often contradictory and sometimes false information that bombards us in the media and on the internet. Students will analyze personal diets and case studies for practical experience. Students will critique social media messages about nutrition and exercise. Students and the instructor will work together to meet their needs regarding food, nutrition, and enhancing overall performance. This course is for any student interested in a healthy lifestyle. At the end of this course, students will be able to create their own nutritional plan and apply what they have learned to their life now and in the future.

    What you should know:

    • Open to students in grades 11 and 12
    • Prerequisite: Health 10
    • Meets 4 periods per week, half year, ½ credit